Group1 5-11 mixed Wednesdays 16:00-17:45

Group2 11-16 Girls Band Wednesday 16:45 - 17:30

This unique choir under the direction of Marion Haak-Schulenburg is based in the refugee home on Strassburger str. Since 2016 it has been a constant presence in the lives of the children and their families. Our goal this year is to involve many children from the neighbourhood in our rehearsals, projects and concerts.

We invite you and your child to discover the Die Kiezchoristin.


Music club lessons

now open to all

The music club

The music club was formed in 2016 by Michal Friedlander and Dominique Caillat.

We have been offering the children of the refugee home, instrumental lesson (piano, guitar, cello and violin) as well as group meetings for workshops, concert visits and musical fun!

We are always looking for more instruments for club children.

Do you have an old violin or guitar (or a piano!!!) at home and would like to donate or loan an instrument?

please contact us.

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Violin lessons

This year we are opening two group violin classes with violinist and teacher maria Winiarski. We aim to have an equal number of young violinist participating - from the refugee home and the neighbourhood.